Between September 2 and 5, 2021, the most awaited sports event of the Hospices of Hope Moldova brand took place - Hospice Bike Tour 2021. The project is dedicated to cycling lovers who want to combine sport with a cause that deserves support. Thus, this year each of the participants, in addition to the challenge of cycling over 400 km through valleys and hills, set out to collect at least EUR 500 for incurable patients in the regions of the Republic of Moldova.

Each year, the main purpose of the event is to raise funds to support the development of free palliative care services and to maintain activity within the teams that are part of the Hospices of Hope Moldova Network in the regions of Orhei, Soroca, Taraclia and Ocnita.

This year, 25 cyclists covered 440 km on the following route: Chisinau - Hancesti - Cimislia - Comrat - Taraclia - Cahul - Cantemir - Leova - Hancesti - Draguseni - Chisinau. The route was a circular one in order to reach the palliative care team from Taraclia and to come back collecting funds for the over 200 beneficiaries per month who need palliative care and are part of the Hospices of Hope Moldova network.

This year, the amount of MDL 404,794 financial donations and services / goods was collected, of which 6% were organizational expenses. The accumulated amount will be distributed proportionally to the mobile palliative teams and will cover approximately 1300 palliative visits at home.

Hospice Bike Tour is a charity event organized by Hospices of Hope Moldova, the funds collected after the event being used to maintain free palliative care services provided to people suffering from incurable diseases and / or life-limiting conditions in the regions of Ocnita, Orhei, Soroca and Taraclia.


We could not have organized this event without the support of cyclists, partners and volunteers. We are very proud to announce the #HospiceBikeTour 2021 supporters, partners and volunteers, whom we thank enormously for their dedication, support and donation.

Thanks to the cyclists who resisted, through the wind, valleys and hills, even when they no longer had strength, they continued to cycle for children and adults suffering from incurable diseases, continued and managed to be part of this complicated route: Anthony Mauger, Corina Ovcearenco, Dumitru Guzun, Evgheni Camenscic, Ion Vasilica, Mihai Chitanu, Viorel Chihai, Glenn Ford, Aliona Rotaru, Victor Niculin, Andrei Anghelov, Ion Lungu, Alexandru Namasco, Roma Angheni, Tatiana Butuc, Ion Volcov, Sergiu Scolinic, Tania Cotiga, Anna Rodina, Petru Albu, Andrei Chiforisin, Andrei Lutenco, Raluca Muntean, as well as the ambassadors who joined ES Steven Fisher and E.S.Kestutis Kudzmanas. Volunteers: Vica Tepordei, Cătălin Coșleț and Irina Goncearenco.


  • SADE Moldova
  • OTP Bank
  • Slovak FDA
  • British Embassy in Chisinau in the presence of E.S. Steven Fisher
  • The Lithuanian Embassy in Chisinau, in the presence of E.S. Kestutis Kudzmanas
  • The Romanian Embassy in Chisinau, in the presence of E.S. Daniel Ionița
  • National Inspectorate of Public Security

 Secondary partners and cycling partners:

  • Grawe Carat
  • Gladei and Partners
  • CCI France-Moldova
  • KVG (USA)
  • GeoGalileo
  • BiOrganic Raw Cafe
  • Etalonus Group
  • Coca-Cola HBC
  • ALPHA Diagnostics
  • Pencil
  • Neokinetics
  • Crosus Life
  • Fruits and berries
  • The Pies

Main media partner: TV8

Media partners present at trainings and #HospiceBikeTour: Moldova 1, Publika TV, TVR

 Special thanks also to the local authorities who greeted us:

  • Governor of ATU Gagauzia, Mrs. Irina Vlah - for a warm welcome
  • The president of Leova district, Mr. Nicolae Prițcan and the deputy mayor of Leova, Oleg Cretu
  • The mayor of Comrat, Serghei Anastasov - for the Gagauz snacks and beautiful reception in the city of Comrat but also for joining the cycling race.
  • The vice-president of Cimișlia district, Mr. Vadim Torgai
  • The mayor of Cahul, Nicolae Dandiș
  • The mayor of Cantemir, Roman Ciubaciuc
  • The mayor of Taraclia, Veaceslav Lupov
  • The mayor of Hâncești, Alexandru Botnari

Also, we thank the team that is part of the Hospices of Hope Moldova Network in Taraclia, Mrs. Maria Chiose who got involved and got involved in the smooth running of the project in Taraclia district, but also for climbing with the team and cycling in support of our beneficiaries. Thanks to the palliative team from Taraclia.

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